Paris, Fri(mid)day

Paris is full of beautiful signs. And I've never seen so many pharmacies and opticians in one place before. Impressive!

Happy weekend! I'll be back with more Paris pictures :)

Paris, a Friday walk towards the view

Started Friday morning with coffee at The Broken Arm which was so so good. Loved everything about that place - it opens already at 9 in the morning, the interior and light are amazing, the coffee is great and the fact that there is so much green indoors, mmm.

Friday was the day Johan and I walked the longest, over 25 kilometers. We didn't use any other kind of transportation except train from/to the airport.

The streets were still pretty empty, that's what I really love about getting up early in big cities.

Hi, hi!

It was time to check out the view over Paris from Sacré-Cœur.

Passed by a yarn shop.

Walked long stairs.

Met a cute cat that I wanted to kidnap.

And BANG! the view.


Paris, Thursday evening

The first evening in Paris, Johan and I took a walk up a hill and had some chinese food before we walked down the hill again and fell asleep before the sun set. We were both a bit sick (nothing serious, just a cold - not complaining :) lots of sleep did the thing!) the first couple of days, so we decided to take it easy. Didn't manage though - on Friday we walked more than 25 kilometers. And felt better! More pictures soon.


Paris, Thursday morning

We arrived early Thursday morning in Paris and started with having breakfast and then a long walk through Le Marais. I hadn't been in Paris for 9 years and it was such a delight to come back. I hope we will be back again soon! Expect lots of Paris pictures the coming days!

Thank you all for your tips last week! In the end we ended up strolling the streets without hunting for addresses, it turned out to be that kind of vacation (well needed to have days without any plans).


Finding colour in the city

On my walks around the city I always look for colourful spots, it's not hard to find them during spring. Now it's time to fill this blog with pictures from Paris, are you ready? I'm looking forward to share!