Tutorial: How to make Sandra Juto's Grannysquare Blanket

The time has finally come to make a tutorial about how to make my Grannysquare Blanket, yay! Since I don't know how to write patterns in English, I will do my best to present the process in pictures. Basic crochet skills are required. If you don't know them, YouTube has lots of great tutorials or you could purchase the book Happy Hooker which is great!

What you need:
Yarn (I use double alpaca yarn), 3 different colours and 1 colour for the borders (I use off-white)
Crochet hook (I use this one, 4mm , highly recommended!)
(& not in the picture: a needle for the finishing touch)

The amount of yarn depends on how big you want to make your blanket. You can of course use other materials such as wool and cotton. My blanket weighs approximately 1.5 kilos where half of the weight is the off-white.

Start with 3 chain stitches which you connect with a slip stitch, to make it a tiny circle.

Continue with the same colour of the yarn and make 12 double crochet stitches with 1 chain stitch between each double crochet stitch. Connect the last chain stitch with a slip stitch in the first double crochet stitch.

Colour number 2, 2 double crochet stitches between the first row's double crochet stitches and 1 chain stitch between each couple of double crochet stitches. A tip is to let the previous colour's "left overs" join the journey so you won't have to sew them in later on. Saves you many hours of work.

Join together like the first row.

Colour number 3, 3 double crochet stitches between the second row's double crochet stitches and 1 chain stitch between each three double crochet stitches.

The colour part is finished! This is where I usually stop and mass produce the amount of squares I want to make, to keep better track on the colour combinations (I always make each square different), before joining all together with the off-white border.

The beginning of the off-white border. IMPORTANT: The squares are crocheted together, so you do it as you go along. This to make the pattern between the squares, which I will show you below.

The border! This is where the square shape happens. Between two groups of double crochet stitches, make 2 double crochet stitches, 1 chain stitch and 2 double crochet stitches again. Repeat between the next two groups (I hope the pictures show what I mean). Between the third group of double crochet stitches, make 3 triple crochet stitches with 3 chain stitches between them and repeat until finish.

The finished square!
Time to make another one.

Second circle to become a square.

Crochet the squares together as you go along (IMPORTANT!). Why important? See below:

To get this pattern between the squares.

This is what it should look like when the squares are joined together.

A tip: Sew in the threads as you go along, it's more fun than doing it all at the end of the project.

Now it's time for the finishing border which will go around the whole blanket. It's only made of double crochet stitches.

Crochet crochet crochet.

Crochet crochet crochet.

At the 4 corners of your blanket you make 5 double crochet stitches, 1 chain stitch and 5 double crochet stitches.

Around the blanket you make 3 double crochet stitches, 1 chain stitch and 3 double crochet stitches at the same place. Repeat as shown in the picture. Where the squares meet I make 2 double crochet stitches, 1 chain stitch and 2 double crochet stitches at the end of the square and repeat it at the beginning of the next square. The border can be made with thousands of variations and here I present the way I make it.

There will be many leftovers, someone gave me the tip to put it outside for birds to build houses of. Imagine how colourful that house would be!

The result! I make my blankets with 14x12 squares. The finished blanket is measures about 125 x 105 cm / 50" x 40" and weighs approximately 1.5kg.

Good luck and LOTS of fun!

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Grannysquare Blanket No06 available NOW!

Yay, about 70 hours of work later it's finished!

Grannysquare blanket No06 handmade by me (crochet). The white borders are off-white.

168 different squares made of 100% high quality alpaca yarn and 100% love. A piece made to last for generations.
The blanket measures 125 x 105 cm / 50" x 40"

The blanket is made in a smoke- & fur-free environment.

Similar to the one I've made for myself, see here.

Price includes world wide registered shipping. Payment via PayPal.

You find it HERE


My July

July has been such a good month. I've enjoyed watching a thunderstorm from my balcony and been eating lots of pelmeni.

Started one morning at the Badeschiff and caught a colourful wall with my camera.

Grannysquare blanket being made. Campari soda before going to an amazing wedding party!

Johan and I start the mornings with a walk and coffee a few times a week. Have been eating lots of Ramen this month.

I. Have. Been. Enjoying. Having. A. Shower. At. Home. So. Much. That. I. Have. To. Stop. Talking. About. It. Waking up with the sun in my face every morning.

Visiting the food market every Saturday. And that Döner breakfast last weekend, yum.

Greek salad is on my summer food top list. Johan in his beloved Mattias Alkberg t-shirt.

Have been working on a new grannysquare blanket which will be finished and listed in the shop this week hopefully. A few of the Eyes print are still available.

Some of my favourite plates and a pretty flower shop.

Hi! Hi friend!

Yesterday I was craving an egg sandwich before going to a pool party, this bulldog is one of my best friends in Berlin. He's the happiest old man.

That pool saved my life yesterday as it was hot hot hot. Today I've been enjoying Elle Interiör, a flat white, showers of rain and a tiny hangover.

Happy Monday!


Walking towards a cup of coffee

This dress is super comfy and makes me look like a ball ;)

Started my Friday with a walk to COFFEE.


It's great to start the day with a walk and a coffee halfway.

Watching people passing by, sipping my coffee, reading a book or a magazine.

So empty. Tomorrow it's going to be crowded, the weekly farmers' market! Looking forward to it.

This pistachio house is amazing.

Bought some roses for the weekend.

They say this weekend is going to be hotter than anything I've ever experienced, wow!


Hi from my studio


July 24, 2006-2013

2006: I was visiting my old hometown Luleå and this is my favourite house there.

2007: I was visiting my nieces' grandfather and bonus-grandmother in their summer house in Småland, taking funny face pictures of Lo and Johan.

2008: Just about to start working on my pieces for Lines & Shapes, having coffee at Kafé Marmelad in Gothenburg.

2009: Johan and I were sitting at our favourite spot down by the river in Gothenburg, having bubbly and sandwiches.

2010: My parents were visiting in Gothenburg and we had a dinner at our place.

2011: I was stacking up Wrist Worms for the Fall.

2012: Working on this all day long, so much fun!

2013: It's still early in the morning and my first plan today is to pack orders and go to the post office. There are still a few EYES prints left, yay!


2013: A great day so far! Mr Nicholas showing his buttcrack, running errands, having coffee and a good read and then back to work!