New Shop, New Wrist Worms & a 20% Discount!

September is soon here, which means Wrist Worms season starts on my side of the planet. Fall is my favourite season and I am already carrying a pair of Wrist Worms in my bag in case it's chilly in the evening.

Happy News:

* I have redesigned my shop!
* I have filled the shop with new Wrist Worms!
* There was a discount this weekend to celebrate the new release. Update: Thank you all for your orders!

If you click the Products section you will see different categories, for example Veggie Wrist Worms (made of cotton).

There are lots of new and old favourites available and I will keep the shop updated during Fall and also add more LARGE size Wrist Worms as well as other colours and styles. Might make some for children if there's anyone interested too, just let me know!



My favourite lunch at the moment (including recipe)

My current lunch addiction (and you know I like simple lunches, so here is a simple recipe for you):

Romaine lettuce with feta cheese, tomato and an egg

You need:
1 romaine lettuce head
1 piece of garlic (chopped)
Fresh lemon juice
Butter (or olive oil if you prefer that)
Feta cheese (as much as you like)
1 tomato
1 egg
Salt & Pepper

Do like this:
Boil a pot of water (salted) and heat up a pan. Slice off the bottom of the romaine lettuce. Let the lettuce boil for 20-30 seconds, pick it up and let the water rinse off. Put some butter (or oil) in the hot pan and let the lettuce fry for 20-30 seconds (add salt & pepper, garlic and lemon juice). Place the lettuce on a plate and sprinkle feta cheese on it. Fry the egg and the tomato (sliced in 2 halfs). Add salt & pepper. Place it all on the plate and enjoy!


A typical Swedish family

(the morning after)

My sister and her kids were here for a week and we've had such a great time. Didn't bring my camera anywhere so here is a huge amount of pictures from our wonderfully fun photo shoot on Monday night. Most pictures are taken by our dear friend Jacqui who you can see in the last pictures (Jacqui is not Swedish (yet!) though, she's Scottish but we've taught her some good Swedish words like cykelkorg etc). I love these people so much!


In August so far...

I have been catching up with my amazing friend Jacqui who came back from her honeymoon.

I've also spent a lot of time at home and going out for different kinds of asian food.

Work has kept me pretty busy.

Copy + Paste the text from picture 3 and 4.

I have been taking pictures of tiles as usual and drinking a grappletini with green teeth.

Great breakfast and homey home.

Matching colours, I had an amazing quiche with broccoli, lentils and so on.

My niece turned 10 the other day and I gave her and her babysister one ticket each to Berlin so in a few hours they will arrive with their mother, my babysister. YAAAAAY!!! Hope I'll find time to blog while they are here, otherwise - see you on Instagram (my name is sandrajuto) or here in a week!


Breakfast in the park

Started my weekend having breakfast with Johan in the park. Love avocado instead of butter on my bread.

We decided to surprise friends who were having a party and ended up staying at their place for the rest of the day.

Saturday night with a beer before going home to sleep and wake up to the calmest Sunday in a long time.

Don't forget that I'm closing the shop for vacation tomorrow - last chance to buy Wrist worms with €10 discount! Read more here. Thank you all!


€10 discount

Wrist Worms on summer SALE,
€10 discount on all pairs, until August 20!

More info in the shop!

Welcome! Worldwide shipping!

FYI: The shop will be closed during a couple of weeks from August 20
while I'm enjoying some vacation and new Wrist Worms will be available
beginning of September, both new and old designs. Looking forward to it!
Fall 2013, yay! :)


My Saturday

Woke up early on Saturday morning and took a walk down to the farmers market.

Bought bread, cheese, egg salad, berries and coffee which I had for breakfast on a parkbench with Johan.

Berry season is the best season.

Brought home some pink roses.

Hello, my name is Fluffy. Johan calls me Aslan.

Found this wee table in a second hand store.

Perfect for our whiskys! That Nikka Whisky from Japan is so so good.

Happy Monday!