An amazingly decadent week

Camilla spent an amazing week with me and Johan.

We've been out walking a lot.

Having coffee and visiting a couple of exhibitions.

Oysters and champagne before going out for dinner with Johan.

Most of our nights we spent in different bars and around the kitchen table until early in the mornings talking talking and talking.

Giving ourselves deeper voices.

It's been such great days! Come back soon, Camilla!


Winter Wonderland

I went to winter wonderland for some days and had such a great time with family. Miss them already, luckily I came back home to a happy Johan and this lady, yippie!


Things to look forward to this week

This is one of the things I look forward to when coming back home to Berlin; good coffee! In Luleå (north Sweden) there is no really good coffee to find, but as I'm not addicted to the caffeine I don't need my coffee fix on a daily basis, I'm only in it for the taste of really good coffee :)

Also, looking forward to having a dear friend over for some days as I get back home. We are going to go for long walks, drink coffee and I guess lots of wine, eat amazing food and talk talk talk.

And of course I'm looking forward to coming back home to Johan :)

What are you looking forward to this week?


Kreuzberg architecture

I love walking around looking at buildings in Kreuzberg, there are so many great courtyards to peek into.


Lunch tip in Kreuzberg

The other day Johan and I had lunch at Cocolo Ramen in Kreuzberg (yes, they have a restaurant there as well, not only in Mitte, great!). I really like the interior and the food is really good as well (we didn't have the famous ramen this time though).

I am visiting my family in Sweden right now and hope to be back with some wintery photos next week, happy weekend all!


If only we could fly

Walking around with people and birds. Would be great if people could also just fly away when you get too close.


A hidden (onigiri) treasure

Down in the Schönlein subway station there is a hidden treasure - an onigiri stand, Rice Up. I have one for breakfast every now and then on my morning walks.

I can also recommend the Orientalisches Fladenbrot in the first picture, especially the bread with cheese. Yum!


Kreuzberg pastels

Some shots from this morning when I walked with Johan to his work. We had some coffee and then I continued walking a bit; have been working 11-12 hours every day lately, the holidays are getting closer and the shop is getting prepared with lots of Wrist Worms :)


I planned to spend my Sunday here:

But ended up taking a long walk and spending time with friends the whole day instead - great!

Ps. There is a new pair of Wrist Worms available in the shop now; merino bordeaux :)


What's going on today?

It's Saturday, Johan and I have spent a couple of hours at the market drinking coffee, chatting with friends, picking up goodies for a dinner we're making for friends tonight. It's our wedding gift to them; a let's-see-how-many-courses-we-manage-to-make dinner. Looking forward to having them over! So, I'd better enter the kitchen again and help Johan (usually my help looks like this: playing my favourite 80's and early 90's music or Pet Shop Boys, pouring wine into our glasses, tasting the cheese, chopping some vegetables, talking, having opinions Johan didn't ask for (big sister syndrome (and Johan is a big brother, so... war in the kitchen!) and taking care of the dishes while giving that man lots of kisses).

What's going on at your place today?


Hydrangea, Roses & Eucalyptus

Brought these flowers home from the farmers market on a Saturday in October. Do I have to mention how amazing the flat smelled from the eucalyptus?

Glad to be back to blogging. November has turned out to become a very busy month, in the best ways possible, and I look forward to bringing my camera out for adventures soon :)


Mollie Makes Home

Me and my (Johan's too of course) home is featured on some spreads in the latest issue of Mollie Makes Home. Fun!

- - - - -

I have been a bit abscent from this space; lots of work, being short and intensely sick, lots of meeting friends etc. Sometimes people ask me what I do when I don't feel like or have the time to blog. The answer is simple: I don't do it :)
Now I'm back though, hi!